Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy (Vita) Trophies

Full list of all 39 Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy trophies - 27 bronze, 6 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Mission Complete!

    Completed all of Operation Babel. Thank you for spending so much time with us!

  • The First Mission

    Finished the first mission. Your new life as part of the Xth Squad has only just begun...

  • Human Will

    Hikaru overcame Kieru's spell and chose the path of humanity. Her power is the will to be human...

  • Peace and Sacrifice

    Destroyed the Embryo and restored peace to the world. But the cost was perhaps too great...

  • Mascot Capture Complete

    Safely captured Mu'La. Masa is elated to welcome her lost family home again!

  • A New Way

    Returned to the past to create the future you desire. A new road is open to Hikaru and Kieru...

  • The Final Trial

    Completed Tenaki Muramasa's final mission. The Xth Squad will continue to safeguard the future...

  • The Strongest Code Riser

    Proved yourself worthy against Captain Alice. From this moment on, you are the strongest Code-Riser!

  • Cross Blood Equipped!

    Chose two Blood Codes. Study their secrets, and aim for total mastery.

  • Wanted Variant Subjugation

    Subjugated your first Wanted Variant. You can now call yourself a full member of the Xth Squad.

  • Wanted Variant Annihilation

    Annihilated all Wanted Variants. You have proven yourself as a truly elite warrior.

  • Embryo Walker

    Completed all Embryo Arcs. You now know the Embryo like the back of your hand.

  • Poster Child For Battle

    Conquered the Lethal Hall. *~*CONGRATULATIONS!*~*

  • True Wealth

    Accumulated 500,000 GP. Now get out there and start spending!

  • Treat Yourself

    Spent 100,000 GP at the Dev Lab. I hope you used it wisely...

  • Skill Collector

    Gathered many XTND Skill Items. Use them well and show us all what you can do!

  • Unique Collector

    Gathered many Unique Items. Who knows what's still out there waiting to be discovered...?

  • Demon Blade Muramasa

    Obtained the mystical Demon Blade. It can bestow immense power on its wielder...for a price.

  • Mechanical Demon Blade

    Obtained the mechanized sword. Driven by a powerful motor, it can tear through anything.

  • Weapons of Ares

    Acquired Ares' famous weapon. Become a mighty god that rules the battlefield!

  • God Spear Valkyrias

    Acquired Valkyrias' godly spear. Pierce through everything!

  • Last Muramasa

    Acquired Muramasa's final creation. There is nothing this blade cannot cut...

  • Forewarned Is Forearmed

    Left a variety of notes all across the Abyss. One day your messages will show their value...

  • Risk Junkie

    Survived 30 consecutive battles with the Encounter Gauge at max. Drink deeply of the thrill of battle!

  • The Power of Unity

    Used many Unity Skills. Working together with your allies is the key to survival.

  • Barter Town

    Exchanged a Soul Token for another item. It's never a bad idea to do a little trading.

  • Homemade Code

    Synthesized a variety of items. Self-reliance is the key to survival.

  • Your Real Self

    Discovered your true self. Unexpected events have a way of revealing deeper characteristics...

  • Healing Touch

    Enjoyed your time in the Medical Lab. Back to full health and feeling good!

  • Variant Disposal Specialist

    Defeated many Variants. It's your duty to destroy anything that would stand in your way.

  • Force Multiplier

    Created a second unit. You have to make sure you face every battle in the best condition possible.