Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (EU) (Vita) Trophies

Full list of all 41 Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (EU) trophies - 28 bronze, 9 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Operation Abyss

    You've mastered Operation Abyss. Thank you for playing.

  • First Step

    You've completed your first mission. Keep up the good work.

  • New Power

    You've retrieved the stolen Blood Code. Monks are pugilists who excel in the front row.

  • No, No...No, No, No...No...

    You've eliminated Phantom Nono. ...Hard to believe she ended up like this.

  • Goldman's Final Moments

    You've stopped Goldman's threat. All thanks to Alice's strong determination.

  • TPF Annihilation

    You've crushed the TPF's ambitions and exposed their crimes to the world. Compulsory investigation will commence soon.

  • Call Me X-Wizar

    You've defeated the mysterious X-Wizar. His true identity is...Akito Saeki!?

  • The Start of the Second Semester

    The second semester starts today. So ends the Xth's summer vacation.

  • It Was an Honor...

    With Masuaki's help, you managed to escape. Never forget Masuaki's noble sacrifice.

  • Elusive Shadow

    You've defeated X-Wizar, along with his Code Physics camouflage, Elusive Shadow, again!

  • Administrative Leave

    You've defeated Maiden Master and revealed the truth. Looks like Johnny is okay, too.

  • Scattered Remnants

    You've encountered and fought remnants of the TPF. They're operating in secret to avoid exposure.

  • Fragment of Akashic

    You've stopped Alice, who awakened her Akashic powers. But the cost of that victory was too high...

  • The Fall of YHAL

    You've crushed Patricia and stopped YHAL. You managed to rescue Masa and return safely.

  • Double Wizars

    You've defeated the two Wizars, Akito and Alice. You emerged victorious from the greatest fight of your life.

  • The King of Babyl

    You made the King of Babyl, Mu'La, retreat. But the battle has only just begun...

  • Charmed By a Bewitching Blade

    You've obtained the famous bewitching blades, Muramasa and MURAMASA. Every weapon collector should own these.

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  • Rare Collector

    You've collected many rare items. Is there any other reason for rare items to exist?

  • Lethal Collector

    You've collected every Lethal Code. A top-notch Xth Squad is entitled to superior weapons and armor.

  • Thorough Lethal Collector

    You've collected every upgraded Lethal Code. A must-have for any intense battle.

  • Variant Exterminator

    You've eliminated 5000 Variants. Your strength is unstoppable.

  • Experienced Xth Member

    You've survived 1000 battles. You're becoming a real Xth member.

  • Veteran Xth Member

    You've survived 3000 battles. You're an elite Xth member.

  • Code Chip Discovery!

    You've obtained 500 Code chips. No chip left behind, no matter how small.

  • Wanted Variant: Eliminated!

    You've eliminated a Wanted Variant. The battle has just begun.

  • Wanted Variants: Exterminated!

    You've eliminated all Wanted Variants. One step closer to world peace.

  • Risk Big, Win Big

    You've survived 20 battles with the Encounter Gauge maxed out. Risk big, win big.

  • Neophile

    You've used the Monk and Conjurer Blood Codes. It's hard to resist using new gifts.

  • Maximum Proficiency

    You've mastered every skill contained in a Blood Code. There is nothing left to teach you.

  • The Power of Unity

    You've used every Unity Skill. Your squad is a well-oiled machine.

  • Best Friends

    You've vastly increased your Unity Gauge. Nothing can tear us apart.

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  • Filthy Stinkin' Rich

    You've collected 300,000 GP. It may be digital currency, but you're still loaded!

  • Waking the Dead

    You've eliminated Zombie Murphy. He was inside a coffin? Go figure...

  • Whoops!

    You've destroyed a floor in Morimoto High-rise. Be careful when carrying heavy objects.

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  • Might As Well Jump...

    You leapt off the subway. You could've seriously injured yourself!

  • Conduction Introduction

    You've encountered the mysterious conductor. The rumors were true!

  • Custom Manufacturing

    You've crafted items 30 times. Always create the things you need.

  • Material Hoarder

    You've stripped items 30 times. Scrap everything you don't need.

  • Every Little Bit Helps

    You've boosted items 30 times. This is the secret to making your favorite items last.

  • Gambling Problem

    You've used Gamble Codes 30 times. Good or bad!? Win or lose!? Let's find out!

  • Affix Aficionado

    You've used every Plug-in affix. Knowing your enemy is the key to victory.