Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (EU) (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (EU) (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

First Step
First Step15TrophyTypeYou've completed your first mission. Keep up the good work.
Wanted Variant: Eliminated!
Wanted Variant: Eliminated!19TrophyTypeYou've eliminated a Wanted Variant. The battle has just begun.
New Power
New Power21TrophyTypeYou've retrieved the stolen Blood Code. Monks are pugilists who excel in the front row.
Material Hoarder
Material Hoarder23TrophyTypeYou've stripped items 30 times. Scrap everything you don't need.

Least Earned

Veteran Xth Member
Veteran Xth Member37TrophyTypeYou've survived 3000 battles. You're an elite Xth member.
Operation Abyss
Operation Abyss441TrophyTypeYou've mastered Operation Abyss. Thank you for playing.
Affix Aficionado
Affix Aficionado37TrophyTypeYou've used every Plug-in affix. Knowing your enemy is the key to victory.
Wanted Variants: Exterminated!
Wanted Variants: Exterminated!35TrophyTypeYou've eliminated all Wanted Variants. One step closer to world peace.
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