Open Me! (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Open Me! (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Open the Master's Box!
Open the Master's Box!15TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Master's Box.
Open the Slide Puzzle Box!
Open the Slide Puzzle Box!31TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Slide Puzzle Box.
Open the Cuckoo Clox!
Open the Cuckoo Clox!31TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Cuckoo Clox.
Open the Feisty Wooden Crate!
Open the Feisty Wooden Crate!16TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Feisty Wooden Crate.

Least Earned

Open the Two Step Box!
Open the Two Step Box!34TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Two Step Box.
Open the Wind-Powered Box!
Open the Wind-Powered Box!33TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Wind-Powered Box.
Open the Multi-Surveillance Box!
Open the Multi-Surveillance Box!16TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Multi-Surveillance Box.
Open the Super-Sneaky Steel Box!
Open the Super-Sneaky Steel Box!32TrophyTypeRetrieve the reward from the Super-Sneaky Steel Box.
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