2. Oninaki General hints and tips

Oninaki has quite a few in-game mechanics and other RNG-effects, so I'll begin listing them off below.

Here are some of the in-game mechanics that you will use along your journey and for grindy trophies, so definitely take a read.

Manifesting - While battling enemies in the game, you'll notice your Daemon has a % going up in the bottom left corner. While this goes up, your attack increases, but once it hits 150%, your defense will begin to lower. The game explains you'll want to cn_L1 to manifest, taking the % down and making you stronger for a short period. There are trophies for exceeding 200%, which is obtainable through in-game stones put in your weapon. There's also a trophy for manifesting 100 times total.

Crossing the Veil - Pressing cn_L2 in-game will take you between the Beyond and the Living realms. Both have their own maps to uncover and their own sets of enemies and items. The Beyond realm typically has chests and such to discover, whereas the Living realm lets you use these items, typically healing incense and more. You will be using this option a LOT. Every dungeon will require you to do things in the Beyond, meaning you need to kill 'Sight Stealers' in the Living.

Memories - Obtaining memories in the skill trees of your Daemons is required for a lot of backstory and some trophies. Once obtained, you can interact with the memories in the various save points in this game. The first memory is typically free and the others will go up from 1 skill point to 5 skill points for the final one. Every Daemon has 4 memories. You need to unlock all 4 memories of 5 Daemons for a trophy.

Awakening - Using a skill will have a random chance to trigger an 'Awakening'. This will trigger a random effect you can put onto the skill for when you use it. You can equip 4 Awakenings at once, and there's a good 18 unique ones. You'll need to awaken 100 times for a trophy and trigger every awakening for another meaning obtaining all the unique awakening skills, not awakening every single skill, luckily.

Soul Stones - Soul Stones refer to the upgrade/level up mechanics of the Daemons Skill Trees. Defeating enemies enough times with a set Daemon will unlock a Soul Stone specific to that Daemon, i.e. using Aisha will get you Sword Stones, where only she can be upgraded with Sword Stones, as Izana uses Scythe Stones. You will need to fully unlock the skill tree of 3 daemons for trophies.

Shadestones - Shadestones are gems that you can put into weapons. You can make them at the Alchemist, or loot them. You'll need to socket 100 total for a trophy, and you'll need certain other Shadestones to help with some trophies. One of these is Affinity Breaker, which lets you go beyond 200% before manifesting, and helps out with 2 trophies. Awakening Chance helps out with Awakening for those trophies, etc.

Shadow Fallen - VERY, VERY rarely, you'll see the shadow of an animal, a bird or a fish, etc, on the ground only in the Living realm. You cross the Veil on it to go into the Beyond realm, summoning a special Fallen. If you see a Shadow Fallen but take too long to trigger its spawn, it'll disappear. They're random and VERY uncommon, so be on the lookout, as you need 10 for a trophy. 10 will take you the entire course of the platinum if you're unlucky.

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