1. Oninaki Walkthrough overview

Welcome to my Oninaki walkthrough! There's not a lot to say about this walkthrough that won't be explained on later pages. I will give you the basic rundown of how I structure it so you know what's what.

This game has no missables. It has 4-5 different endings but you can redo the final boss/decisions of the game by just reloading your clear save data. A lot of the trophies are over time-cumulative+ trophies, whereas the others are for levelling up in-game characters or triggering certain RNG effects. You'll obtain 75% of the trophies by the end of the game/the multiple ending trophies. Then it's just a matter of the long post-game dungeon and whatever else you need to clean up. Everything comes along nicely in line, but it's just a matter of the hours this game will take, unfortunately.

On the General Hints & Tips, I'll go into detail explaining the features/gameplay mechanics required to play through this game and obtain certain trophies, giving you an even better look into how they work.

On the Story Walkthrough page, I'll just list the story through the use of headers listing the areas we're visiting so you can easily track where you/I am in the game for help/info. I'll list off Lost Souls, which do not have a trophy related to all of them, but I'll list off them as we come across them in the game anyway, as they give out materials that'll help boost levelling up in-game, etc.

On the Post-Game Cleanup page, I'll explain the post-game dungeon, and a rundown of some cumulative+/grindy trophies that you may still need to aim for.

Let's get into this trek, then.

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