One More Dungeon (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

One More Dungeon (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Changes the rules
Changes the rules15TrophyTypeStart the game with any mutator
First step
First step16TrophyTypeComplete the first level
Drink me
Drink me131TrophyTypeDie after drinking the poison
Elder Flower
Elder Flower131TrophyTypeKill the Elder Flower

Least Earned

Trader262TrophyTypeSpend 50 coins
Master of the dungeon
Master of the dungeon525TrophyTypeCollect all the trophies
I can't see anything!
I can't see anything!262TrophyTypeComplete the game with "Fog" or "Broken cartridge" mutator
Full set
Full set262TrophyTypeBuy all the mutators
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