2. Oh...Sir! The Hollywood Roast General hints and tipsUpdate notes


cn_LS - Used to navigate phrases

cn_X - Selects phrases

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cn_O - Ends sentence

cn_T - Uses a Comeback (which ends your sentence, but does some extra damage)

cn_L1 - Selects the left option of your two personal phrases

cn_R1 - Selects the right option of your two personal phrases

cn_S - Rerolls your personal phrases


Each character has something that they take 1.5x damage from. This not only applies to your enemies, but to you as well. So, try to use the phrases that apply to your enemy's weakness while preventing them from using yours against you. Each character will be listed next with their weakness.

Dirty Potter - Manliness

Marilyn Nomore - Age & Beauty

The Greasy Wizard - Law Problems

Chop Sue E. - Toughness

Wisecrack - Originality

F. Parker, CFO - Money

Nosferateen - Emotions


The easiest (but luck required) way to do a ton of damage. If you insult one noun two sentences in a row, then you will deal 2x damage on any insult to that noun on the second turn (and so on for more sentences in a row). The damage multiplier only applies to insults on that noun specifically though.

Say this is your second sentence in a row using "Your mom":

"Your mom ruins the British accent!" - The insult would be multiplied by 2

If it was:

"Your mom ruins the British accent and looks like your dog!" - Both parts of the insult will be multiplied by 2

If it was:

"Your mom ruins the British accent and your dad looks like your dog!" - Only the first part of the insult will be multiplied by 2


Comebacks end sentence with a little phrase that does some extra damage. The bar to use these is shown on the bottom left of your screen and it fills up as you take damage. There are 3 levels to comebacks (as shown on the bar). Each level does more damage than the one before it. You will have to do a challenge to use 3 comebacks in one fight five times, so be ready to get used to balancing taking damage and dishing it so that you can use three level-1 comebacks before winning the fight.

Golden Parrots

Golden parrots are challenges placed one each level of each character's career. There are 3 golden parrots per mission. They will always be the same regardless of the character depending on the tier of the fight. So, the first level fight will have the same three challenges on every character's career. You do not have to get all parrots in a single run of the fight, but you must win for it to count. You must get all parrots in 5 different characters' careers for a trophy.


You will often see "..." appear as one of your phrase choices. If you pick this, it will allow you to carry over your sentence to the next round. However, if 15+ damage is done to the person that uses "...", they will forget the sentence. Using it (and a combo) is important to get a golden parrot in the final fight if each career that requires you to deal 35+ damage in a single turn along with trophies that require you to deal high amounts of damage in one turn (with the higher of the two being 55+).


A cliffhanger occurs when you and the enemy die on the same turn. This will probably never happen in natural play, so you will have to try to get one so that you can win it at some point. To win the cliffhanger, all you will need to do is deal more damage with your sentence than they do. It's a one-turn, winner takes all type situation.

Self Damage

If you choose a(n) phrase/noun/conjunction/ending where it doesn't make grammatical sense, you will lose 3 health and your turn. If your enemy has already ended their sentence and you run out of time to make your move, you will lose 3 health. Each time you do it after that, it will do more and more to you. Self-damage does not fill your Comeback bar.

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