Obut Pétanque 2

PlayStation 3

Obut Pétanque 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Good end
Good end15TrophyTypeWin an end 2-0
Great end!
Great end!30TrophyTypeWin an end 3-0
I understand Petanque...
I understand Petanque...15TrophyTypeFinish the Tutorial
Loyal consumer
Loyal consumer15TrophyTypeBuy an item in the shop

Least Earned

Petanque Veteran
Petanque Veteran285TrophyTypeWin 100 games in Career mode
Petanque King!
Petanque King!569TrophyTypeUnlock all Trophies
I'm a fighter!
I'm a fighter!47TrophyTypeWin 3 championship games in a row
Hardcore gamer
Hardcore gamer95TrophyTypePlay 100 games in Career mode
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