Obut Pétanque

PlayStation 3

Obut Pétanque Trophies

Most Earned

My Very Own Team
My Very Own Team15TrophyTypeCreate a custom team
Carreau!15TrophyTypeCarreau an opponent’s ball
Close Shot!
Close Shot!15TrophyTypeLand a pointer shot within 20cm of the jack
Here, Have This Goose Egg
Here, Have This Goose Egg15TrophyTypeWin an end 3-0

Least Earned

World Champions
World Champions104TrophyTypeAwarded for winning the international league on easy
Veteran104TrophyTypeWin 100 games
The Ultimate Team
The Ultimate Team35TrophyTypeMax out stats for all players on a team
The Ultimate Player
The Ultimate Player17TrophyTypeMax out stats for a player on a team
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