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Posted on 12 June 18 at 19:12
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I am horrible at racing games. I struggle to win races on Lego games. I avoid racing games in general. The only racers I have ever liked are Kart racers and Test Drive Off-Road Wide Open for the PS2.

That being said, Onrush is damn near perfect for me.

This game is so much fun. I haven't stopped playing it since I got it and I see myself playing it for years to come honestly.
This is a team racer that is objective based and doesn't have finish lines.
Yup. Team racer with objectives and no finish line.
I don't get it either but it is one hell of a ride.
There are several different game modes that have different kinds of winning conditions. Whether it's racing through gates to add time to your clock so the opponents' clock runs out first, or catching a moving circle and trying to stay in it to capture the objective, all while trying to crash your opponents and stay uncrashed yourself. I saw one review that called this the Overwatch racing game. I can see that as a pretty fair descriptor.
You have several different kinds of vehicles to utilize and they each have different abilities and uses.

The ONLY complaint I have about this game is there is no local multiplayer. I would love to fire up a match, co-op or vs., with my wife or kids and race around laughing and enjoying it all as a family.
The developer said they're looking into it, but I won't hold my breath. Adding something like that after launch has to be a huge ordeal or else they would have done it before.

Nonetheless I'm still racing my heart out and loving every single minute of it.

This is my new racing game and I don't see that changing for a very long time. Heck Test Drive was out back in 2001 and it lasted 17 years as my favorite.
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