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Posted on 04 June 17 at 14:56
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Ever wanted to play god? Here is your chance to try it out.

Welcome to O! My Genesis VR. For this game you are required to have the PSVR, the PlayStation camera, and two move controllers.

The game itself is really short so I will keep this review the same.

O! My Genesis VR takes you across the universe to play God to a bunch of happy little creatures. You can help them by growing plants and killing their natural enemies to help them survive. Very simplistic in game play, without purchase of the two DLC packs currently available, you only have about 30 minutes of actual things to do.

The tracking for the motion controllers is very good. In game they are your "hands" as you take care of all your little creatures. Unfortunately, as a god you are only given 2 powers to help your planet grow. A couple more of these would have been nice as it gets boring only having the 2 powers.

Trophies: As I said there is only about 30 minutes of actual things to do. For these 30 minutes the trophies are pretty fun to get, and they are almost impossible to miss. That being said, there are 3 trophies in the game that make you grind over and over for an extra 2 hours making the game itself extremely boring after 20 minutes of the grind.

To be fair to O!MGVR, it is currently listed at 3.99 USD. The game is worth exactly that. You won't find an intriguing tale of you taking on the role of god for these creatures and you wont be playing for years to come, but it is a nice use of the VR and gives you a half hour of fun (followed by 2 hours of mind numbing trophy grinding.)
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