Nubla (EU) Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed262,052
    28 Feb 2019
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    So, first things first. I've unlocked the platinum trophy on Nubla and I'm still none the wiser what the story actually is. It consists of following round a weird group of shadows, locked inside a world of mirrors that you have to use to solves puzzles.

    The puzzles themselves are so easy that you'll think you're doing a ten piece puzzle on your dining room table. It presents itself as a journey of the likes of say NERO but falls short on almost every department. There's collectibles in the game that are there to add a bit of "replayability" but in reality, they're so easy to find that you can do the trophies in one forty-five minute run.

    The game has a sort of weird beauty in its artwork and it seems more like an interactive school art project, rather than a substantial game. What's even stranger is that this is only episode one of the three part series (Nubla 2 having been released recently) but without much of a story to hook people in to it, what use is a three part series? It's not on the level of other episodic games such as Life is Strange, even the weird and wonderfully confusing The Council is better in comparrison. Okay, so the budgets for Nubla and Life is Strange are two totally different ballparks, but that doesn't excuse having limited story. Even the most basic game needs a story to follow.

    The only people that will find any sort of merrit in the game is trophy hunters, for boosting their trophy tallies and trophy level.