Novastrike Trophies

Here is the full list of all 16 Novastrike trophies - there are 12 bronze and 4 silver.

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  • Reckoning Force

    Defeat the game on SOLDIER difficulty or higher

  • Unstoppable

    Defeat the game on VETERAN difficulty or higher

  • Legendary

    Defeat the game on HARDCORE difficulty

  • Don't You Die On Me

    The friendly rebel Heralder must survive through the end of Khara (Stage 3)

  • Abrupt Ending

    Prevent the Harbinger from reaching its final destination

  • Perfectionist

    Defeat the game on any difficulty without failing any objectives

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Novastrike FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in Novastrike?
    There are 16 trophies in Novastrike - 12 bronze and 4 silver.
    You can view the full list of Novastrike trophies here.
  • Is Novastrike on PlayStation Plus?
    No, Novastrike is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
  • When did Novastrike release on PlayStation?
    Novastrike was released on June 5th, 2008.