PlayStation 3

Novastrike Trophies

Most Earned

Heralder No More
Heralder No More15TrophyTypeDestroy a Heralder carrier on any difficulty
Broken Falchion
Broken Falchion19TrophyTypeShoot down a Falchion destroyer on any difficulty
Champion of Praxor
Champion of Praxor19TrophyTypeFinish the second stage on any difficulty
Destroyer25TrophyTypeDestroy 500 aerial opponents on any difficulty

Least Earned

Legendary188TrophyTypeDefeat the game on HARDCORE difficulty
Unstoppable176TrophyTypeDefeat the game on VETERAN difficulty or higher
Abrupt Ending
Abrupt Ending53TrophyTypePrevent the Harbinger from reaching its final destination
Reckoning Force
Reckoning Force101TrophyTypeDefeat the game on SOLDIER difficulty or higher
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