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    29 Sep 2014
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    I don't even know where to begin when reviewing this and question if its even reviewable.

    Well, I guess I'll start with the premise. You play as BOY...a worm like character with a humanoid face. Your overall objective is to strech BOY as far as possible on the map and then wiggle him into space. Space? Why space? I'm glad you asked! Every time you do this, a character named SUN (appears differently according to what planet you are on) takes a report of BOY's length. This length is then added to the overall length of another character named GIRL who spands the distance of several planets. GIRL grows not just according to just one single player's efforts but to anyone connected online who reports their BOY's length. So GIRL's journey through the solar system is a collective effort by all online players. As of today, she has made it to as far as Uranus. I dunno if Neptune or Pluto is the end goal (since the game was developed after Pluto's demotion) and it is unknown what happens when GIRL reaches the last planet. For every planet you reach, it becomes a playable level.

    Since nothing else really matters beyond stretching BOY as far as you can...the rest of the game's mechnics are just irrelevant. BOY can eat other beings (which range from all types of categories of weird) and objects within each map. Of course the longer BOY is, the more he is able to eat and reducing his size while full can warp is default form giving him either a bigger head or bigger behind. In addition to this, people will randomly jump on BOY's back for a ride which again the totally amount revolves around BOY's current length. None of this other stuff really matters unless you are trophy hunting, which is my main beef with this game. Its an overall totally irrelevant experience and seems to serve no purpose other than to troll your HDD and waist your time.

    The visuals are nearly identical to that of the Katamari series and the music sounds like a children's educational show. The quirky sound effects do match well with the game's overally bizarre nature.

    My Breakdown:

    What's Good:

    - All players contributing to one common goal
    - The sound effects fit in well with the game

    What's Not-So-Good:

    - Even after the tutorials, the game and its controls are still confusing

    What's Bad:

    - Beyond stretching BOY, nothing else is relevant on this game unless you are trophy hunting

    - Overall, it is just a very bizarre game with a pointless premise

    In all, unless you are trying to find an easy game to 100% or have no value for your time...STAY AWAY from this game. Its a waste of money and time!
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    DetBunkMorelandCompletely agree with this review - it feels like something Namco Bandai built as a demo and ended up putting on PSN as a "game"
    Posted by DetBunkMoreland on 01 Oct 15 at 18:56