1. No Man's Sky (PS4) Walkthrough overview

Welcome aboard to the No Man's Sky Trophy walkthrough! This guide is going to help you pick up the 23 trophies from the main game, as well as the 5 trophies added in the 'Path Finder' update.

Every trophy in the game can be picked up in one (1) playthrough. This one playthrough is going to be on Permadeath difficulty. This is Survival difficulty (more damage taken from enemies and environment, crucial resources in more limited supply) with the added problem of wiping your save file if you die. This guide is going to presume you are new to No Man's Sky and thus will prioritise safety so as to not risk any death while also working towards every achievement within 20 hours. No Man's Sky is incredibly deep, and this guide will be aimed at Trophy Hunters looking for a fast, safe completion. It's worth noting that the reason we play on Permadeath is to get the trophies 'To Live Forever' for reaching the galactic centre on permadeath, and 'Take a deep breath' for doing the same feat on survival (it'll also unlock on Permadeath, though).

Many of the trophies are cumulative, often hitting 3 trophies for hitting milestones in the same category. The vast majority of them can be done offline or online, only 'Reunion' will require online play, which I will mention in the next section. Something else of note is that the game's two hardest achievements, 'Take a Deep Breath' and 'To Live Forever' for reaching the galactic centre on survival and permadeath, can be mitigated by joining someone's Permadeath game who is extremely close to the Galactic Centre already. Doing this allows you to play the game on a lighter difficulty and lets you not worry so much about death wiping your progress. These are hard to find and this guide won't presume you able to find someone like this to join.

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