Nippon Marathon

PlayStation 4

Nippon Marathon Trophies

Most Earned

Dog Whisperer
Dog Whisperer90TrophyTypeAlert 100 Shiba Inu
I Just Felt Like Runnin’
I Just Felt Like Runnin’90TrophyTypeFinish a Full Marathon
Meet your Other Half
Meet your Other Half90TrophyTypeComplete Story Mode with Zenbei
Nippon Legend
Nippon Legend180TrophyTypeEarn every trophy!

Least Earned

You Love the Dog
You Love the Dog30TrophyTypeChoose Snuguru Maestro 25 times in Versus Mode
Xylophagia90TrophyTypeEat a Wedy Page and gain nothing but protein
Turkey Trolley
Turkey Trolley90TrophyTypeGet 3 strikes in a row in Go-Go Trolley Bowling
Travelling Enlightened
Travelling Enlightened90TrophyTypeCollect all Wedy Pages and become a Legendary Backpacker
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We have just picked new trophies for Nippon Marathon. There are 13 trophies, 3 of which are hidden

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Nippon Marathon Go-Go Trolley Bowling Mode Revealed

Up to eight players duke it out in a mode that sees them taking aim, sprinting towards a shopping trolley, and hurtling down a ramp into a frame of oversized bowling pins.

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Weekend Announcements Nov 3rd-5th: Mini-Mech Mayhem, Far from Noise and More

Now that Paris Games Week is over, we've collected a few new announcements that appeared over the weekend. There is also a handful of titles from Play Manchester, where it's emerged that they're coming to consoles too.

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