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Nioh has shipped over 3 million copies globally

Publisher Koei Tecmo has announced that Nioh, the soulslike action-RPG has shipped over 3 million copies — a significant milestone with Nioh 2's release fast approaching.

Posted 4 years ago by Sean Carey

TT Podcast Episode 30 - Long Lost Faves

Sorry for the long absence, folks -- we would have much rather been here chatting it up if we could! Here's a long episode to make up for it, including a chat about our favorite long lost games we'd like to see come back.

Posted 7 years ago by Brandon Fusco

TT Podcast Episode 29 - It's Not Dead, Just Delayed

We've all been there. You're looking at a game on your storefront of choice, saying that you've already got a huge list of games you bought and haven't played, many of which are supposedly great. You buy the new game anyway.

Posted 7 years ago by Brandon Fusco

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