Nine Parchments

PlayStation 4

Nine Parchments Trophies

Most Earned

Cornelius the Cornflower
Cornelius the Cornflower15TrophyTypeUnlock the Cornflower-Blue Cornelius character variation
Who Ordered Shrimp Salad?
Who Ordered Shrimp Salad?30TrophyTypeDefeat the Treasure Mantis
The Hogmeister
The Hogmeister33TrophyTypeSurvive the Hogmart Arena
Ruffling Feathers
Ruffling Feathers37TrophyTypeDefeat Icebeak the Unkind

Least Earned

The Gilded Witch
The Gilded Witch70TrophyTypeComplete A Stroll Through Meadows in Hardcore difficulty to unlock the Gilded Gislan
Gaudeamus Igitur
Gaudeamus Igitur422TrophyTypeCollect all Trophies
Carabel the Rimy
Carabel the Rimy35TrophyTypeUnlock Carabel the Rimy character variation
Amadeus The Hero
Amadeus The Hero70TrophyTypeUnlock Amadeus The Hero character variation
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Details for Co-op Spellcasting Adventure Nine Parchments

It's a co-op "blast'em up" adventure with local and online play. You'll use six elements to cast wicked spells on your enemies and defeat them, gaining you XP, hats and staves.

Posted 4 months ago by Kevin Tavore, 0 comments

Co-op Blast 'Em Up Game Nine Parchments Gets Launch Trailer

Launch trailers are kind of funny these days. A game's launch is often no longer universal and that's again the case with Frozenbyte's co-op blast 'em up, Nine Parchments. It's out on Switch now and coming soon to PS4.

Posted 4 months ago by Mark Delaney, 0 comments

Nine Parchments Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up the trophy list for Nine Parchments. There are 39 trophies, none of which are secret

Posted 4 months ago by Rich Stone, 0 comments

Nine Parchments Details Spells, Skills and Loot

Players assume the roles of drop-out wizarding students who are searching for parchments that will grant them access to powerful spells, rather than finishing the nine years of training that it would take to become a wizard.

Posted 5 months ago by Rebecca Smith, 0 comments

Screenshots and Trailer Released for Nine Parchments

Thanks to an announcement from Frozenbyte that Nine Parchments will be gracing the Nintendo Switch, everyone gets to see more footage and screens from the game.

Posted 11 months ago by Kelly Packard, 0 comments

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