Nihilumbra (Vita)

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Nihilumbra (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

You are Born
You are Born15TrophyTypeEscape from the Void.
Rebound King
Rebound King24TrophyTypeMake a bullet bounce 20 times.
Death bringer
Death bringer25TrophyTypeBurn four enemies in five seconds.
Nihilism52TrophyTypeBeat the Story mode.

Least Earned

Stoicism281TrophyTypeBeat the Void mode.
Pacifist66TrophyTypeClear level Volcano IV without killing any enemy.
Easter egg
Easter egg63TrophyTypeGo where no one has been.
Snail slayer
Snail slayer62TrophyTypeKill a Klimeth without shooting it.
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