Next Education TOEIC Test (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Next Education TOEIC Test (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Challenger15TrophyTypeCleared a challenge course for the first time.
Start Learning
Start Learning17TrophyTypeDid Exercise for the first time.
The Balloon Break Mania
The Balloon Break Mania18TrophyTypeScore more than 1000 on BALLOON SHOOT!(mini game).
Take The Formal Examination
Take The Formal Examination19TrophyTypeThe set date the learning complete expired.

Least Earned

Item Collector
Item Collector43TrophyTypeBought all props.
Intense Reaction
Intense Reaction22TrophyTypeScore more than 1000 on Rush Attack(mini game).
Got All Trophies
Got All Trophies130TrophyTypeGot all trophies.
Conquest All Questions
Conquest All Questions43TrophyTypeAll recorded question have the correct answers.
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