Net High (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Net High (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Let's Do This!
Let's Do This!15TrophyTypeLaunched NET HIGH.
You Think You Know Me?!
You Think You Know Me?!15TrophyTypeDiagnosed as a No-Life at the beginning.
LOL, u fell 4 it
LOL, u fell 4 it16TrophyTypeProgressed the dialogue by Stirring it up.
Man of the Hour
Man of the Hour16TrophyTypeCleared the Prologue.

Least Earned

You CAN Have it All
You CAN Have it All49TrophyTypeObtained all Real Life Experience items.
Rules are for Fools
Rules are for Fools146TrophyTypeUsed all Cheat Skills.
Net Highest
Net Highest292TrophyTypeObtain all trophies
Spreading the Love Around
Spreading the Love Around48TrophyTypeUsed Real Life Experience Items to watch all Events.
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