Naughty Bear Trophies

Full list of all 67 Naughty Bear trophies - 56 bronze, 6 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum.

The base game contains 51 trophies, and there are 2 DLC packs containing 16 trophies.


Base Game (Excludes DLC)

Base Game (Excludes DLC)
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  • Naughtiest Naughty Club

    Scored a Total of 250 000 000 Naughty Points.

  • Full Wardrobe

    Unlocked All the Costumes.

  • Party Thrasher!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 1 or its Challenges, Punish Daddles with the Disco's Turntable!

  • Drowning Politics!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 2 or its Challenges, Punish Chubby with the Disco's Toilet!

  • Watch THIS Cozy!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 3 or its Challenges, Punish Cozy with the Cabin's Telly!

  • Keeping a cool head!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 4 or its Challenges, Punish Nibbles with the Cabin's Fridge!

  • Trembles' Energy Problem!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 5 or its Challenges, Punish Trembles with the Cabin's Power Box!

  • Gear Head!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 6 or its Challenges, Punish Fluffy with the Factory's Conveyor Belt!

  • Hot as the Sun!

    Ironic Kill: In Episode 7 or its Challenges, Punish Sunbeam with the Campfire!

  • Maximum Security

    Secret Mission: In Episode 1, get the Entire Police Force on the Island.

  • Harakiri

    Secret Mission: In Episode 2, get the 4 Ninja-Bears to Kill Themselves.

  • Give me Peace!

    Secret Mission: In Episode 3, Destroy Every Bird-cam of the Level.

  • Death Race

    Secret Mission: In Episode 4, don't let Zombears Kill other Bears! They're Yours!

  • Elite Chumps

    Secret Mission: In Episode 5, Kill Every B.E.A.R with an Object Kill.

  • Rebellion

    Secret Mission: In Episode 6, get the R0B0-B34RS to Kill their Master, Fluffy.

  • Disintegration

    Secret Mission: In Episode 7, Destroy Every Alien-Bear with the Raygun Ultra-Kill.

  • Twin Fight

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill Cop Gordon with the Cop Gordon Costume by the Revolver Ultra-Kill.

  • Chain of Command

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill Colonel Ketchup with the Captain Naughty Costume by the Oozy Ultra kill.

  • Evil Resident in Bearcity

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill 4 Cops in One Level with the Zombear Oodoo Costume by the Bone Ultra-Kill.

  • Probing New Technologies

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill R0B0-PR1M3 with the Emperor Xoon Costume by the Raygun Ultra-Kill.

  • Chi Vs Voodoo

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill Oodoo with the Master Miyagi Costume by the Ninja-To Ultra-Kill.

  • Assassin's Assassination

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill Miyagi with the E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney Costume by the Silenced Pistol Ultra-Kill.

  • Noisy Vs Silent

    Costume Shenanigan: Kill E.L.I.T.E. Mahoney with the R0B0-PR1M3 Costume by the Power-Fist Ultra-Kill.

  • Vengeance!

    Costume Shenanigan: Destroy Emperor Xoon with the Naughticorn Costume by Hornification.

  • Truly Invisible!

    Challenge Challenge: Finish an Invisible Challenge Without Being Seen Once.

  • Fistful of Rage!

    Challenge Challenge: Finish an Untouchable Challenge Without Using a Weapon.

  • Killin' with Style

    Challenge Challenge: Finish a Killer Challenge Without Killing with a Weapon.

  • Merciful

    Challenge Challenge: Finish an Insane Challenge with Every Bear Still Alive.

  • Trap-tacular!

    Challenge Challenge: In a Friendly Challenge, injure every Bear.

  • Tight One!

    Challenge Challenge: Finish a Speedrun Challenge with 1 Second Left to the Timer.

  • Leader of the Pack

    Multiplayer Madness: Finished First in a Multiplayer Match and Shouted: "HAZELNUT!" at the Losers.

  • Gloriosity!

    Multiplayer Madness: Finished an Assault Match Without Losing a Single Unibear Statue.


Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard

172 (24%)
Episode 9: The Treasure of Bear Beard

Episode 10: The Vampiricorn

135 (19%)
Episode 10: The Vampiricorn
  • Too close!

    Finish a 4 players Left 4 Ted Match by being the last survivor standing.

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Naughty Bear FAQ
  • How many trophies are there in Naughty Bear?
    There are 67 trophies in Naughty Bear - 56 bronze, 6 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum.
    You can view the full list of Naughty Bear trophies here.
  • Is Naughty Bear on PlayStation Plus?
    No, Naughty Bear is not currently available on any PlayStation Plus tier.
  • When did Naughty Bear release on PlayStation?
    Naughty Bear was released on June 25th, 2010.
  • How many hidden trophies are there in Naughty Bear?
    There are 2 hidden trophies in Naughty Bear.