Naruto To Boruto: Shinobi Striker Reviews

  • moonlght80moonlght8073,741
    12 Sep 2022
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    I actually got all the way to platinum and it took me 3 months to get there.

    The overall artwork is pretty good and the customization is fairly decent.

    For a Bandai Namco game though (considering I love their Tales Of series) is not even sub par! The story, while smooth and sometimes amusing is so short. I completed it in just 2 hours.

    What I was left with was a 3 month churn of monotonous pvp battles that was riddled with FREQUENT (like 5 or more) game crashes a day, network errors, disconnects and the blatant cheating of very high level players. This made the 100 win battle trophies VERY hard to get.

    Say for example you won a very hard 3 vs 4 flag battle and you get to the score screen. It's counting down, it gets to 1 and it crashes to the the hub of the game console . . . Guess what? It won't count for any trophy, not 1000 battles, not flag, and not even class trophies. It only counts if you get to the loading screen AFTER the scoring screen.

    High level players seem to have an inexhaustible cool down. This means they can spam ultimate moves repeatedly back to back in a match. Not all of them do this, but a great many will.

    You need a lot of patience if you want to have fun in this game. The road to platinum, even more is required!