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    This is the first Ultimate Ninja Storm game I've ever played, so I was new to the controls and haven't played previous ones. Therefore, my perspective is from that of one who's only played Naruto games like Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja and Naruto: A Broken Bond. If you're thinking about picking up this game and haven't played previous UNS games, keep on reading below!

    This Naruto game picks up from after Naruto's epic battle with Pain in the series as he is now the hero of the Hidden Leaf Village. As he hears about the Raikage (leader of the Hidden Cloud Village) and his plans to hunt down Sasuke, Naruto's friend and former teammate turned traitor, he sets out to ask the Raikage to stop his plans. Little does the world know that there is a sinister plot to set forth a new Ninja World War.

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    I've read the manga and knew how the story was going to play out, but to play it is a whole different adventure. The graphics in the game are stunning and perfectly captures the look of the Naruto universe. It flows nicely and the characters look amazing as they pull off their fighting styles and unique jutsus and ultimate jutsus. The cell-shading is just right and characters look their best in this game, matching how the characters look in the manga and show while not overplaying the hairstyles. Kakashi looked horrible in Naruto: Rise of a Ninja.

    The roster in this game is simply enormous, with each ninja having their own set of skills, ninjutsu and special abilities. Some even have different move sets that you can choose from in character select such as Naruto or Sasuke at different points in the series. You have many different shinobi to choose from from different villages and organizations within the Naruto universe. When I saw all of the jinchuriki there I was stunned and excited at the same time.

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    If you're picking up this game and don't know much about the Naruto storyline, it's okay because at the beginning of the game (while it's installing for a really long time...) it'll give you an entire recap of the series. Not only that, but after beating the game you'll be able to relive past points in the series through the use of the Ninja World Timeline. By collecting Ninja World Timeline Scrolls throughout the maps, you'll be able to go through the menu and play some of the memorable battles using the various characters such as: Kakashi vs. Zabuza. So, if you're worried about playing this game without any prior knowledge or having not played any of the other games, don't fret.

    Not only is this a fighting game, it's also a platforming game. You have the main story which follows Naruto and Sasuke's storylines as they confront various enemies and explore other areas of the world. Naruto can visit many different villages, especially his own, and different lands to confront various shinobi from the series. There's not much gameplay other than interacting and climbing in areas while on the maps during the story. However, once the story is complete Naruto will be able to explore the areas in depth, and complete various side quests and collections in order to unlock more trophies and additional in-game content!

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    Single Combat & General Gameplay
    As someone jumping into the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, I've got to say that the combat in this game is impressive. It's really entertaining to play and when you start to get the hang of it you really feel like a powerful shinobi. Unlike Naruto: Rise Of A Ninja gameplay, which felt clunky and unrefined, while you control your character it feels smooth and flows. Using different combinations of special skills, blocking, ninja tools, substitution, powers and ultimate moves you're able to create a sort of art while playing and destroy your enemy.

    The point-of-view you take against your opponent is that of behind your ninja's shoulder. On the battlefield you're able to move in all directions and take advantage of your surroundings. Some maps even have obstacles to navigate around while fighting (this could become annoying as you pull off a jutsu and then a box gets in the way). With the joystick you're able to quickly maneuver out of the way of enemy's projectiles or attacks, by tapping the joystick in whatever direction you wish to go to and pressing X (the dash button) you'll be able to efficiently move out the way of your opponent's advance or nicely position yourself behind them for an assault.

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    Speaking of assault, you have the Circle button to help you with that. This button allows you to make contact with your opponent and use your different fighting styles of characters to battle your opponent. This is the main attack button in this game and thus may make it seem like it is a simple game, but this button is used in conjunction with many others to perform chakra-based or other forms of attack.

    By utilizing the Triangle button, you'll perform Chakra Charge. There are two levels to Chakra Charge, each having their own capabilities while facing your foe. With Chakra Charge 1, and holding it, you'll be charging your Chakra Meter, helping you maintain your fuel for your ninjutsu. While charging your Chakra Meter though you need to stand still, with your character focusing to gather energy and leaving you open to attack, so choosing your time to build chakra should be thought out. Next, you have Charka Charge 2, by double tapping Triangle, you'll power up a massive amount of chakra which, when used in conjunction with the Circle button, can perform your Ultimate Jutsu Finish. This is unique to each character and takes down a significant amount of the enemy's health.

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    Projectiles are thrown using the Square button and can be charged with a Chakra Charge in order to make them more powerful. These are good for preventing the enemy from preparing ninjutsu or charging up in general. Most of the time character's use kunai but some have unique projectiles like Utakata's bubbles. These can be used at any time during the match and are infinite; you can even throw them while moving.

    You also have throws which are different among each character. Some are slower and need closer contact than others which allow you some freedom. Either way this is great when an opponent is blocking your physical attacks, or even to chain it with ninjutsu and combos. To block attacks you use R1 in order to block anything from physical attacks, ninjutsu, ultimate jutsu, and projectiles. Be careful though as your guard can break, leaving you vulnerable for attacks and unable to move for a short period. Another awesome feature, that even I remember from Rise Of A Ninja, is substitution jutsu. By pressing the L1 button at the right moment, you will be able to appear directly behind your enemy. This is great in order to dodge big attacks from your opponent and then double tap X in order to get up close and pound on them. Careful though as your enemy can use this too, but each of you only have 4 to use at once and when completely used up will take time to recharge.

    Another awesome feature is Awakenings. There are two different types of awakenings that a character can have only one of. The first is activated once your health is lowered below a certain point, the 'Awakening Lamp' will turn on, allowing you to charge it with chakra, activating your Awakening state which lasts for a certain amount of time. Once it runs out you'll have to wait some time for it to be accessible again. The other type of Awakening can be activated at any point in the match by pushing the R3 stick in any direction. Once active, it'll immediately start shrinking your chakra bar until you either deactivate it yourself or it stops after shrinking your chakra bar to almost nothing. Once this happens, it begins to slowly expand once again in which you can activate your Awakening again at any point.

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    The maps are well done and look exactly like they do in either the show or the manga; they also present much space to move around and as you play you'll find you barely reach the edge or hit an invisible wall. Some maps are like that though, with a clear, no barrier edge which you can knock your opponent into three times in the same area until it breaks and provides a ring-out win.

    On top of all of this gameplay, you also have ranks at the end of each match. Whether it's in the story mode or facing someone in a battle, you will get a rank anywhere from S (being amazing) to D (being very poor). This rank all depends on how complex your fighting style was during the match, such as using substitution, ninjutsu and throws. This goes for other parts of the main story mode, as well, such as boss battles. Secret Actions and Secret Factors help to get a good rank in these instances, too; these Secrets help remind the player about past events.

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    Team Combat
    You're able to play with up to three characters at a time in this mode. The first character you choose is the main one you use to fight your opponent, with the other ninja or two acting as assists. You can assign each assist to either be an offensive, defensive or balanced type, changing the gameplay slightly depending on what you choose. By utilizing the L1 and R1 buttons you'll be able to call upon your allies to help in battle using their ninjutsu to either buy time for you to charge up chakra, or help out in damaging. This makes for some pretty unique matches against a friend's team or online. It's pretty cool to see what people's teams are too and how they work in conjunction with one another.

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    You will notice in team combat that there is an additional meter next to your name at the top of the screen. This meter is your team meter which builds the more you use them and call for them for help. When it reaches about half-way full one of your members will join and assist you in charging chakra, increasing the rate in which you build it. The more you use them, the more the meter fill until it's completely full. When that is happening and you see your name on fire, you'll be able to perform a Team Ultimate Jutsu; these are extremely powerful and can bring down an enemy's health significantly, if not indefinitely.

    You're able to face foes online through PSN, or face someone on your own screen with a second controller. Multiplayer is done really well and is fun to see who's stronger with what characters. You also have a tournament mode in which you can play anywhere from 8 to 16 players in an all tournament to see who comes out on top. This can be done online as well, collecting titles and collectible in-game cards while showcasing your profile to the world.

    There are many trophies for this game and many are based off of simply completing the game's main missions and getting good ranks in them. Some of these are pretty difficult and take many replays to try to get the ranks you need but are actually quite fun.

    There are many trophies based on collectibles as well, such as collecting the Ninja World Timeline. The Ninja World Timeline, in the game, is a record of past Naruto events. It's a great way to relive past events' battles and review some stuff you already knew. You have to also collect Chakra Shards throughout the maps during your exploration. You're able to see them after talking to a toad from Mount Myoboku. You collect them in order to transform a Frog Stone into it's past rainbow colours. This will also earn you a trophy in order to get to that coveted Platinum.

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3)Consummate Storm MasterThe Consummate Storm Master trophy in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (PS3) worth 558 pointsYou won all trophies.

    Other trophies include actions to be performed during battle, which way to end a battles, which Secret Factors and Secret Actions to perform, winning a tournament, and visiting all villages within the story. I found many of these mostly grindey but still enjoyed them.

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a fantastic game to play and really gets me looking forward to playing the DLC, "Full Burst", and also the upcoming release of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution. The amalgamation of well-thought gameplay, remarkable storytelling, and optimal visual prowess makes this game into one of those games I've invested more time into than others.
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    Following up where the previous sequel, Naruto Storm 2, left off, players are returned to the visually gorgeous and story-driven gem of a Shinobi World to continue in Naruto's journey, as depicted accurately from the anime/manga series. As well as an extensive back-up history for newcomers and already lovable fans. The game has been magnificently crafted, enjoyable to play, and worthy of the series than ever before. Players are getting the most extensive character roster yet, allowing players to become their favorite shinobi from within the most dynamic and critical point of the Naruto series. The game also thrills with it's new and returning features: A lost-lasting appeal of Story Mode with Free Roaming, a new Mob battles feature, and a revamped Online mode with unlimited replay value and ways to challenge players from around the world. But for everyone, this is going to be the greatest Naruto Storm experience ever! DATTEBAYO!
    Ultimate Adventure
    The Story Mode returns us to the passion and enthusiasm of Naruto Uzumaki following the end of the previous sequel (Storm 2). With which we're given a ton of content to further compel us in the lives, challenges, and overall story of Naruto and his friends. The game is based from The Five Kage Summit to the impending 4th Great Ninja War, in which shinobi nations must come together and for alliances to defeat Tobi and his army of evil. Branching from over 100 episodes, and extending past current events from the anime. The story, in almost every way, does it's best to fulfill the desires of it's fans, while remaining faithful to the already exposed anime/manga. As well as throwing a few tweaks for our visual enjoyment.

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    The first notice in starting out would be the overly-extensive return of Boss Battles. While natural cinematic Boss Battles with one-on-one were enjoyable in previous titles, and have made a return, it's the massive scale boss battles, including a fearsome confrontation with the gargantuan Nine-Tails that'll captivate you. And the return of QTE's only make the cinematic flare of Boss battles even more enjoyable. As well as the Hack N' Slash features, where you can battle enemies in a free-roaming aspect, which creates new ways of thinking and exciting battle plans. However, each Boss battle in this game will challenge you in a different way with the new integration of the Ultimate Decisions.

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    Now the Ultimate Decisions, Hero and Legend, allows you can craft your own path in key points from the story. These choices, other than providing difficulty challenges, give you a path which converges with the overall theme of the anime/manga, allowing you to experience moments in a new way. Battles will be different and require new courses of action and thinking to overcome. And the rewards for each path deals heavily on your playing style. Hero governs more to defensive/healing aspect, while Legend governs of offensive/damaging aspects. These features allow change and dynamic interaction, making players feel more involved with events in the game.
    Tournament & Survival
    If you played the recent sequel, Naruto Storm Generation, then you'll be happy to know that the Tournament and Survival Modes have made a return to the game. And a new feature has been added for your enjoyment, Perpetual Changes. So with previous title modes you'd just have a team to play, win a match and that'd be it. However' Perpetual Change adds a new spin on that concept as it constantly changes the conditions and rules that apply to matches. An example would be, if you're hit with an Ultimate technique you lose regardless of health, or chakra constantly decreases. These condition will add new challenges and obstacles to overcome with every battle.
    With 80 playable characters and 8 support-only characters ranging from childhood to current events you'll have the most extensive ninja roster at your disposal. Allowing you to choose from memorable shinobi and unique fighting styles to dominate your opponents. And with 40 battle arenas, it'll add a new atmosphere for players who wish to revisit memorable setting from the series.

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    The game has returning modes such as, creating your own tournament with your friends, player/ranked matches, and the Battle Point system which now converts to an overall rank for leaderboard tracking.
    Gameplay & Features
    With the return of past elements the game sees several new features and changes. The battle system, for instance, has added some new feature for better strategic flow and advantages.

    The first implemented feature is that of protect-able supports. Naturally in matches if your opponent has an attack support you can get sent into a "kickback" animation which can leave you defenseless against ongoing assault. Now if you're ever sent into a kickback and you have an able support on standby, just press LB or RB respectively and your support will take the hit for you. this feature also works with another arena feature to Ring-Outs. These Ring-Outs are only accessible through means of open exterior arena, but this support protection can save you as a Ring-Out is an automatic win. However, this protection feature is only limited to 2 actions per support before they become unusable for the remainder of the match, so use this feature wisely.

    The next feature added to the game is the Team Coordination Attacks (TCA). For this feature you'll be able to utilize your supports in a more drastic and strategic way. For this feature you'll be able to hold the "B" button and charge your TCA, once unleased you'll be prompted to press LB/RB respectively and allow your support to coordinate a attack set up for you. The animation relates heavily to that of the Team Ultimate Jutsu, but the end result is on your digression. this coordination attack allows you to replenish chakra, set up a regular or Ultimate attack, or rechain your combos for massive damage. And once the TCA initiates, it can't be subbed until finished. (little tid-bit)

    And our final implemented feature, which adds some zest to players is the Ultimate Jutsu Finisher. if you manage to deal the final blow of a match with an Ultimate or Team Ultimate Jutsu, you'll be treated to a short clip of your character and a saying which sometimes is based on your opponent. It isn't a game-changing feature, but it's a feature that can deliver a righteous victory feeling.

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    The known drawback that'll have some players upset are that of the character roster. many players have been disappointed with the character slots being used up for the same character, during dynamic character change. While other worthwhile ninja were never playable or confirmed as DLC. (Edo Kages, 6 Swordsmen, Gin&Kin)

    Another is that known events in the manga have been tweaked and, in result, left some disppointment for eager fans (5 Kage vs Madara) and the Story mode ending is different from events in the manga, which is still in progress.

    Lastly, is the slight issue with Ultimate Jutsu finishers. They’re phenomenal at first, but get repetitive and give rage quitters a few extra seconds to quit online matches.
    The game has a total of 55 trophies, including the Platinum. The trophies are VERY straightforward and most can be earned in Story Mode. The only trophy that'll take some time will be finding all of he Ninja Timeline Pages. But with thorough searching and detailed battles it shouldn't be too difficult. But hands down the easiest Platinum of the Storm games.
    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is a beautifully crafted, and easily basic game. The game's new features and modes completely outshadow the petty drawbacks and leave this a fun and enjoyable game. Fan of the Naruto series and previous games will want to pick this title up as it only adds to overall experience of the Story tht fans have been waiting for in a long time. And newcomers to the series will gain alot of insight and understanding for this vibrant new title. And with it will come alot of addicting ninja battles which is what Naruto is all about! Thank you for reading!

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Trailer
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