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NOTE : a composer and a note
Type Game
Publisher Park ESM
Platform PS4
Discovered 11 Mar 2021
Last check 11 Mar 2021
Last on sale -
Release date 11 Mar 2021

Don't Need Language, like Music

I think all artists were making new works that expanded the definition of meaning. This is why we made Note : a composer and a note

Note : a composer and a note is an indie minimalist 2d platformer for every artist in the world. Player is both a composer and a note. This is the journey for composition with a unique mechanic. Player plays like playing the piano. It offers a thrill, fresh and meaning.

About a composer’s work and a note’s journey to achieve a composer and a note’s goal. A composer tried to make music that accurately showed humans, the world and their spiritual beliefs. A note is trying to find a way as a dream.

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