NHL 10

PlayStation 3

NHL 10 Trophies

Most Earned

Eager to Learn
Eager to Learn16TrophyTypeComplete the Boot Flow Interactive Tutorial
Board Play
Board Play16TrophyTypePin a player using board play and gain possession of the puck
Fighting Major
Fighting Major38TrophyTypeAccept and win a fight against a human controlled opponent
Line Juggler
Line Juggler20TrophyTypeDo five manual line changes during a match

Least Earned

Pressure Play
Pressure Play90TrophyTypeKeep the pass completion % for CPU or online opponent in ranked match under 40%
Hardcore Superstar
Hardcore Superstar40TrophyTypePlay and win a match on Hardcore Superstar settings against the CPU
Battle for the Cup
Battle for the Cup40TrophyTypeWin a Battle for the Cup series with an Elite league team in a 7 game series against the CPU
Goalie Legend
Goalie Legend39TrophyTypeWin 5 matches with your Be A Pro character playing as a goalie
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