Players that want to boost this game

Gamer Trophies Won TT XP Presence
USA Ark51 Ark51Shoot questions, ask first! 41 1,419
Canada AustinH96663 AustinH96663PS4 Up and working 3 52
USA bluefordtruckman bluefordtruckmanGetting trophies and playing games 39 1,139
Sweden Chijatsu ChijatsuMan having less than 50% of your trophies sucks big time. Guess I have to work with that. 19 432
USA CMorgan91 CMorgan91 55 2,014
USA Eckobrova Eckobrovacurrently working on 52 2,720
England grundogLFC1892 grundogLFC1892Hey all hope every one is keeping well, thought I'd pick my pad back up since stuck indoors now, stay safe and happy gaming 58 2,979
France IAN_M3_DRIV3R IAN_M3_DRIV3R 0 0
USA McHale1980 McHale1980 18 347
England Micer101 Micer101welp 47 2,493
Australia NismoGTRZ NismoGTRZHoping to boost some trophies 23 575
England niteowl1980 niteowl1980 8 141
USA PapaBearZach2 PapaBearZach2 26 682
USA redknightalex redknightalexMy body is ready for the Mass Effect remaster. Collecting my steelbook edition from Best Buy tomorrow ASAP. 40 1,218
USA russiandude123 russiandude123 14 373
Netherlands SuperModelZX SuperModelZXHaving fun and enjoying alot of games and enjoying good games 29 892
England TheDominator2008 TheDominator2008Batman: Arkham Knight is Awesome! 26 601
USA v4nd1t21 v4nd1t21 23 638