NCAA Basketball 10

PlayStation 3

NCAA Basketball 10 Trophies

Most Earned

Show-Off37TrophyTypeMake 20 straight baskets in Campus Hoops. Dunks don't count!
Who's Behind the Door?
Who's Behind the Door?19TrophyTypeViewed the game Credits from the EA Sports™ Extras menu.
Diaper Dandy
Diaper Dandy46TrophyTypeSigned a McDonald's® All-American recruit in Dynasty Mode™
Perfect at Home
Perfect at Home138TrophyTypeWin all of your team's home games in one season of Dynasty Mode™.

Least Earned

Hardcore260TrophyTypeCompleted a 30-year dynasty in Dynasty Mode™.
Move Over, Duke!
Move Over, Duke!193TrophyTypeWin 30 games or more in three consecutive years in Dynasty Mode™.
McDonald's® All-American Game
McDonald's® All-American Game61TrophyTypePlayed and won the McDonald's® All-American game at All-Conference or higher.
40-Minute All-American
40-Minute All-American60TrophyTypeWon a game in Play Now mode with Skill Level set to All-American and Half Length set to 20 minutes.
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