NBA ELITE 11 [Cancelled]

PlayStation 3

NBA ELITE 11 [Cancelled] Trophies

Most Earned

Gotcha15TrophyTypeComplete a matchup objective before reaching Legend Level 10
Quick Deuce
Quick Deuce15TrophyTypeReach Level 2 in Become Legendary mode
Shakin' Hands
Shakin' Hands15TrophyTypeGet drafted in Become Legendary mode
100% Complete
100% Complete180TrophyTypeEarn All NBA ELITE 11 Trophies<br />

Least Earned

Wooing15TrophyTypeSign the #1 free agent in the off-season of Dynasty Mode™
Wing and a Prayer
Wing and a Prayer15TrophyTypeMake a shot from behind the halfcourt line in a game
T-Mobile Get Connected
T-Mobile Get Connected15TrophyTypePerform an alley-oop in a game
T-Mobile Connect From Distance
T-Mobile Connect From Distance15TrophyTypeMake thirteen 3s in a single player game with one player
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