NBA 2K10

PlayStation 3

NBA 2K10 Trophies

Most Earned

Create-a-Player Trophy
Create-a-Player Trophy17TrophyTypeCreate a Player.
Lights Out Trophy
Lights Out Trophy18TrophyTypeFG% over 60% for the game [min 40 FGA's] with any team.
Track Meet Trophy
Track Meet Trophy19TrophyTypeScore at least 20 fastbreak points with any team.
Defensive FG% Trophy
Defensive FG% Trophy19TrophyTypeHold the opposing team's FG% below 40% with any team.

Least Earned

Dunk-Off Trophy
Dunk-Off Trophy195TrophyTypeDefeat any challenger in a Dunk-Off.
Danny Granger Trophy
Danny Granger Trophy73TrophyTypeRecord at least 30 pts, 3 threes and 2 blks with Danny Granger.
Training Camp Trophy
Training Camp Trophy35TrophyTypeComplete Training Camp in My Player.
Yao Ming Trophy
Yao Ming Trophy69TrophyTypeRecord at least 20 pts, 10 rebs and 3 blks with Yao Ming.
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