NASCAR Unleashed

PlayStation 3

NASCAR Unleashed Trophies

Most Earned

Hot Shot
Hot Shot15TrophyTypePlace 1st in any race
Winner!15TrophyTypePlace 1st on the Daytona Oval
Didn’t See You There
Didn’t See You There15TrophyTypeBump another car into a hazard
High Score
High Score15TrophyTypeScore higher than 175,000 in a single race

Least Earned

Perfectionist119TrophyTypeEarn gold trophies on all time trial tracks
Completionist238TrophyTypeUnlock all other trophies
So Close
So Close39TrophyTypeEarn silver trophies on all time trial tracks
Gotta Have ‘em All
Gotta Have ‘em All38TrophyTypeUnlock all vehicle paint jobs
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