NASCAR The Game 2011

PlayStation 3

NASCAR The Game 2011 Trophies

Most Earned

Tailgating16TrophyTypePerform a draft of 500 yards or more.
One for the Road
One for the Road16TrophyTypeRank up for the first time.
VIP17TrophyTypeComplete all three objectives for a single sponsor in Career Mode.
Sprint to the Finish
Sprint to the Finish17TrophyTypeWin a race in Career Mode and get the full 195 points.

Least Earned

Platinum491TrophyTypeUnlock every trophy in the game.
Boy Scout
Boy Scout236TrophyTypeUnlock every NASCAR Pin in the game.
Surfin' USA
Surfin' USA78TrophyTypeMaster every track in the game.
Kingly73TrophyTypeDefeat Richard Petty's race win record of 200 wins.
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