My Body Coach 2

PlayStation 3

My Body Coach 2 Trophies

Most Earned

Let's go!
Let's go!30TrophyTypePerform 10 Fitness exercises.
I'll handle it myself
I'll handle it myself18TrophyTypeUse the Session Editor.
Until the end
Until the end149TrophyTypeWith the Session Editor, design a Fitness session made of 50 exercises… and carry it out.
Exemplary sequence
Exemplary sequence29TrophyTypeLink together 5 perfect moves.

Least Earned

Profit and loss
Profit and loss30TrophyTypeLose 5000 calories.
Perfect session!
Perfect session!30TrophyTypeSucceed in performing all the exercises of a Fitness session.
Patience is the best buckler…
Patience is the best buckler…90TrophyTypeComplete for the thirtieth time a session recommended by the program.
Okay, we're done here
Okay, we're done here90TrophyTypeFollow a recommended program until the end.
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