My Big Sister (EU) Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed154,053
    09 May 2019
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    I miss my old SNES and Megadrive, the old platformers on those are probably more fun than anything around.

    So, how does a game like My Big Sister shape up against legends like Zelda and other classics on SNES? Pretty damn well actually, the horror based thriller 2D adventure game, takes some inspiration from these sorts of titles and even keeps the same nostalgic text based dialogue that really brings home the feeling of past experiences in such games.

    Okay, so My Big Sister isn't a world beater, it isn't a game you'll play and hold up to the same standard as say Celeste but it's a game that sticks to it's story in a basic level of gameplay that makes it unique within some of the modern indie games, that try to hard to be flash with the small budget theuly are ultimately dealing with.

    The story is one surrounding a small family, one sister has a secret, a world within a world. A world of ghosts, ghouls and demons where the Red Witch is holding everyone to a hostage situation. To break the loop (a cycle that keeps repeating), the young girl, Luzia (our heroine) must find a way to end her sisters suffering. The good thing is that there are multiple endings (each with a gold trophy tied tp them), the bad news, you can just rerun the last save point and do them all in one playthrough. Most of what happens in the main story doesn't seem to have much effect on the outcome except to give you information on how you want to deal with the characters you've met at end game.

    Like most games from this publisher, the controls are very simple.
    L3 to move, X to interact, O to run and triangle to open the inventory. It has fairly simple puzzles that at first may take you a while to understand but after doing a few, the game becomes much more simple.

    If you're looking for a more relaxed, storydriven horror, not about making you jump, but about freaking you out and confusing you. My Big Sister could be for you. So too if you are looking for a game that will bring some level of nostalgia to your gaming sessions.

    For Trophy hunters, you can do this games trophy list in an hour with a guide, but I found it much more fun to play through on my own and go back and tidy up the trophies I missed out on.