Muv-Luv (Vita)

Muv-Luv (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Muv-Luv (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

EXTRA15TrophyTypeStarted Muv-Luv!
Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door97TrophyTypeSaw Sumika ending in EXTRA
Brocean Safari
Brocean Safari33TrophyTypeSaw Common End 1 ending in EXTRA
Punch Drunker
Punch Drunker16TrophyTypeTook five Drill Milky Punches to the face

Least Earned

Unlimited Complete!!
Unlimited Complete!!103TrophyTypeSaw all possible endings of UNLIMITED
Muv-Luv206TrophyTypeAquire all trophies.
ALBUM 100%
ALBUM 100%103TrophyTypeCompleted the CG Gallery
Extra Complete!!
Extra Complete!!101TrophyTypeSaw all possible endings of EXTRA
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