Mugen Souls Z

PlayStation 3

Mugen Souls Z Trophies

Most Earned

Conquer Them All!
Conquer Them All!15TrophyTypeYou started a new game.
Captivation Elation
Captivation Elation20TrophyTypeYou successfully used Captivate in battle.
Scarlet World Master
Scarlet World Master25TrophyTypeYou cleared Scarlet World.
Let the Games Begin
Let the Games Begin28TrophyTypeYou activated Damage Carnival for the first time.

Least Earned

The Undisputed God...Is You!
The Undisputed God...Is You!882TrophyTypeYou obtained every last trophy! Truly YOU are the undisputed god of this game!
The Ultimate Undisputed Descends!
The Ultimate Undisputed Descends!441TrophyTypeYou achieved an "Intergalactic Chou-Chou" sized Ultimate Soul.
Master Syrma
Master Syrma141TrophyTypeYou obtained every type of shampuru.
Festival of Pain
Festival of Pain73TrophyTypeYou activated Damage Carnival with everything unlocked.
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