Mugen Souls

PlayStation 3

Mugen Souls Trophies

Most Earned

World Domination, Go!
World Domination, Go!15TrophyTypeYou started the game. Great work!
Moe Kill First-Timer
Moe Kill First-Timer15TrophyTypeSuccessfully make an enemy your peon.
G-Castle Battler
G-Castle Battler16TrophyTypeWon a G-Castle battle.
It Flew?!
It Flew?!17TrophyTypePerformed a Blast Off attack.

Least Earned

The Undisputed God
The Undisputed God1518TrophyTypeUnlocked all trophies. Are you an undisputed god now, too!?
Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO!
Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO!759TrophyTypeMade a Peon Ball over 10,000,000,000 Km in size.
The Goddess Has Descended?
The Goddess Has Descended?732TrophyTypeIncreased Chou-Chou's Charm Level to 100 percent.
Fantastic TCS!
Fantastic TCS!122TrophyTypeActivated a Triple Counter Stop at full power.
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