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Ms. Germinator Trophies

Most Earned

Star Struck
Star Struck16TrophyTypeCollect all 3 Star Germs in 5 consecutive Campaign levels during one play session.
Cross Fire
Cross Fire17TrophyTypeActivate both a Yellow and Orange Power Germ in a single shot.
Ms. Cupid
Ms. Cupid18TrophyTypeActivate a Pink Power Germ 12 times.
Breaking The Ice
Breaking The Ice18TrophyTypeBreak the ice off of at least 10 germs in one level with 10 unique shots.

Least Earned

Puzzle Queen
Puzzle Queen57TrophyTypeComplete All 75 levels of Puzzle Mode, getting at least one star on each level.
Completionist172TrophyTypeGet all 450 stars in Campaign and Puzzle mode.
Highly Contagious
Highly Contagious27TrophyTypeGet 20 or more Contagious Gummies on-screen at once in Arcade Mode.
Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue
Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue52TrophyTypeAbsorb a Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange germ with a Blue Power Germ.
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