Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (HK/TW) (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (HK/TW) (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Another Clear Mind
Another Clear Mind15TrophyTypeClear the seventh chapter, "The lab".
Astronaut30TrophyTypeArrive to the end of the seventh chapter, "The lab".
Clear Mind
Clear Mind15TrophyTypeClear the first chapter, "Wake up".
Domination90TrophyTypeExperienced all 3 endings of the game, plus win at the mini-game at least 5 times and fail at least 10 times.

Least Earned

Collector16TrophyTypeCollect all of the diary pieces.
Traveler30TrophyTypeArrive to the end of the eighth chapter, "My way".
The Best Audience
The Best Audience15TrophyTypeClear the fourth chapter, "The theater".
Pilot30TrophyTypeArrive to the end of the sixth chapter, "The end of the world".
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