Mr. Massagy

PlayStation 4

Mr. Massagy Trophies

Most Earned

Nope!15TrophyTypeReject a date on Linger!
Moooom! Somebody likes me!
Moooom! Somebody likes me!90TrophyTypeMatch a date on Linger
You blew it!
You blew it!15TrophyTypeFail any date
It's something...
It's something...30TrophyTypeGet two stars in any date.

Least Earned

I am the glorious Mr. Massagy!
I am the glorious Mr. Massagy!182TrophyTypeUnlock all the trophies!
Hackerbruh!91TrophyTypeGet three stars with S.O.N.I.A
Bytes all over you!
Bytes all over you!91TrophyTypeGet a massagy with S.O.N.I.A.
You'll be alone forever...
You'll be alone forever...91TrophyTypeFail 20 dates.
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