Motorcycle Club

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Motorcycle Club Trophies

Most Earned

Balancing act
Balancing act17TrophyTypeDo a wheelie for 100 metres.
Ace17TrophyTypeFinish first in the two rankings of a race.
Jackpot17TrophyTypeEarn at least 3,000 credits at the end of a race.
Have you seen my helmet?
Have you seen my helmet?17TrophyTypeCustomize your helmets once.

Least Earned

Motorcycle Club
Motorcycle Club461TrophyTypeWin every Motorcycle Club trophy
What? More?
What? More?37TrophyTypeEarn at least 150,000 Kudos in the tournament.
Perfectionist222TrophyTypeWin 119 gold medals.
I want more!
I want more!74TrophyTypeEarn at least 600,000 credits.
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