PlayStation 3

Motorbike Trophies

Most Earned

Burnt Clutch
Burnt Clutch15TrophyTypeYou made it through your first Original track.
Training Wheels Off
Training Wheels Off40TrophyTypeYou are now a graduated Motorbiker.
Crossover Rider
Crossover Rider21TrophyTypeYou finished your first Online track.
Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith23TrophyTypeYou reached the finish line of your first Exclusive track.<br />

Least Earned

Gas Addict
Gas Addict264TrophyTypeYou dominated all Original tracks.
Trials Psycho
Trials Psycho241TrophyTypeYou conquered 100 Online tracks.
Bike Master
Bike Master57TrophyTypeYou completed 10 Online tracks.
Motorbiker55TrophyTypeYou mastered 10 Exclusive tracks.
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