MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

PlayStation 3

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Trophies

Most Earned

Just Getting Started
Just Getting Started16TrophyTypeRace for a total of one hour
Spoilt For Choice
Spoilt For Choice18TrophyTypeReach rank 3 in the Festival to unlock all 8 vehicle classes
Stuntman18TrophyTypeSuccessfully land a jump of 185m or more
Buggy18TrophyTypeWin 5 Festival races using a Buggy

Least Earned

Further Qualifications
Further Qualifications100TrophyTypeBeat Developer Ghosts on all eight ADRENALINE tracks
Over Qualified
Over Qualified107TrophyTypeBeat Developer Ghosts on all six SPEED tracks
Hardcore Heaven
Hardcore Heaven93TrophyTypeHardcore Freeplay – Win on all eight ADRENALINE tracks (full grid)
Monster Truck Weekender
Monster Truck Weekender37TrophyTypeQualify and Race All Monster Truck Rival Races
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