Moss (EU)

Moss (EU)

PlayStation 4

Moss (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Forgotten Pieces
Forgotten Pieces15TrophyTypeDiscover your first Forgotten Piece.
The Clearing
The Clearing15TrophyTypeEnter the Clearing alongside Quill.
The Impassible Mire
The Impassible Mire16TrophyTypeFollow the starthing and Quill into the Impassible Mire.
Thank you.
Thank you.16TrophyTypeUse your power as a Reader to heal Quill for the first time.

Least Earned

Together We're Twofold
Together We're Twofold457TrophyTypeCollect all other Moss Trophys
Protector of the Realm
Protector of the Realm229TrophyTypeRescue Argus without a single death.
What Remains of Power
What Remains of Power192TrophyTypeCollect all of the Relic Dust.
The Author's Plan
The Author's Plan190TrophyTypeCollect all of the Forgotten Pieces.
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