Mortal Blitz (EU)

PlayStation 4

Mortal Blitz (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Combat Instinct
Combat Instinct15TrophyTypePlay the tutorial for the first time
First Step
First Step15TrophyTypeClear the first mission
Steady Aim
Steady Aim15TrophyTypeClear the 'Encounter' mission with at least 15% accuracy
Uninvited Guest Lv. 1
Uninvited Guest Lv. 115TrophyTypeClear the 'Encounter' mission on Novice difficulty

Least Earned

True Hero
True Hero291TrophyTypeClear all missions on all difficulties
Time Well Spent
Time Well Spent581TrophyTypeCollect all trophies
Sharpshooter Lv. 5
Sharpshooter Lv. 5291TrophyTypeClear level 50 in training mode
Ambush Lv. 3
Ambush Lv. 391TrophyTypeClear the 'Ambush' mission on Nightmare difficulty
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Weekend Announcements March 31st - April 2nd: Little Hawk, Rad Rodgers and More

Despite the joking tone of the weekend, six new titles were revealed to be coming to the PS4. Two of these are successful Kickstarter projects, one of which has just begun a partnership with a major publisher.

Posted 1 year ago by Rebecca Smith, 1 comment