Monster Prom: XXL

Monster Prom: XXL

Monster Prom: XXL

Monster Prom: XXL Trophies

Full list of all 48 Monster Prom: XXL trophies - 36 bronze, 8 silver, 3 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Casanova

    Your very first prom date! Let's take a pic of it! (Only offline games)

  • That was unexpected

    You unveiled the first secret ending. (Only offline games)

  • Ending connoisseur

    Whoa, you've seen ALL THE SECRET ENDINGS in First Term. (Only offline games)

  • Good on my own

    You went to prom alone and you had a great time! (Only offline games)

  • Go play outside!

    You've seen ALL THE EVENTS in First Term! Just wow. (Only offline games)

  • Honey... this isn't healthy

    Okay, you've seen all the outcomes in First Term. We didn't think we'd see this day! (Only offline games)

  • I wanna buy... your heart

    You dated the game's shopkeeper. What a plot twist! (Only offline games)

  • Enter the Coven

    You saved the world and you brought Joy to Monster Prom. Sweet! (Only offline games)

  • Wowie!

    You took the cutest orange blob ever to prom. (Only offline games)

  • Love from the depths

    You released an ancient deity just to date her. Sweet! (Only offline games)

  • Boo!

    You fooled everyone and become the coolest ghost in town. (Only offline games)

  • 01101001 00100000 00111100 00110011 00100000 01110101

    You saved Calculester and went to prom with him. Robolove! (Only offline games)

  • Orgy manager

    Who needs prom when you can have an orgy? Good job, champ! (Only offline games)

  • Weirdo!

    You got a trophy just for being a weirdo. Ugh! (Only offline games)

  • Party 24/7

    You went OUTDOORS on every turn. (Only offline games)

  • Small bladder

    You went to the BATHROOMS on every turn. (Only offline games)

  • Dodgeball God

    You went to the GYM on every turn. (Only offline games)

  • Nerd!

    You went to CLASS on every turn. (Only offline games)

  • Monster Prom: The Musical

    You went to the AUDITORIUM on every turn. (Only offline games)

  • Bookworm

    You went to the LIBRARY on every turn. (Only offline games)

  • Outcast

    You always chose the cafeteria table with minor characters. (Only offline games)

  • True to yourself

    You've been true to yourself and always chose the right option. Congratz! (Only offline games)

  • The worst!

    You've been your WORST self. Congratulations? (Only offline games)

  • Forever alone

    You're playing a dating sim, yet you asked no one to prom? Genius. (Only offline games)

  • Shopaholic

    You've bought all of the items at least once. (Only offline games)

  • The best at failing

    You've been rejected by all 8 main love interests. Maybe dating sims aren't your thing. (Only offline games)

  • Polyamorous

    You've gone to prom with all 8 main love interests. What a Casanova! (Only offline games)

  • Broke

    You ended a run with a negative amount of MONEY. Get a job! (Only offline games)

  • Tiger Millionaire

    You ended a run with 20 MONEY or more. (Only offline games)

  • Great Commander

    You aided in the failed attempt to conquer the 8th Circle of Hell. (Only offline games)

  • Hey, listen!

    You helped to bring peace to a fighter's heart. (Only offline games)

  • Well done, player

    You broke the 4th wall... just for love. (Only offline games)

  • The one with the big reveal

    You revealed one of the Coven's biggest secrets ever. (Only offline games)

  • The one with the evil twin

    You faced the evil version of a Coven member. (Only offline games)

  • Ultimate Trip

    You went on the weirdest trip ever. (Only offline games)

  • The Funeral

    You got one of your classmates... murdered? Congratulations? (Only offline games)

  • Prank Masterz!

    You played the ultimate prank! LOL! (Only offline games)

  • Caganer

    You unveiled the secrets of the greatest Catalan traditions. (Only offline games)

  • Christmas Dinner

    You got the best Christmas gift: love. (Only offline games)

  • You were naughty!

    You got the worst Christmas gift. (Only offline games)

  • Ending Flood

    All of the First Term endings weren’t enough, so you went for the Second Term ones too. Fierce. (Only offline games)

  • Event Storm

    You can't get enough of your favorite monsters, can you? (Only offline games)

  • Outcome Tsunami

    Reading ALL OF THIS is basically like reading +1,000 pages of a book. Put it on your resumé. (Only offline games)

  • Ultimate Lore

    You REALLY enjoy learning new lore, huh? (Only offline games)

  • Raise your hands up

    Well... that was unexpected. (Only offline games)

  • Tiger Billionaire

    You ended a run with 99 MONEY or more. (Only offline games)