Modern Combat: Domination

PlayStation 3

Modern Combat: Domination Trophies

Most Earned

Welcome to the Family
Welcome to the Family15TrophyTypeWin a match (any game types)
War Veteran
War Veteran18TrophyTypeEliminate 100 enemies (any game types)
Specialist23TrophyTypeReach Level 7
Legendary Gunslinger
Legendary Gunslinger26TrophyTypePerform at least one killing spree on all maps

Least Earned

Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander378TrophyTypeReach Level 72
Sergeant Major of the Army
Sergeant Major of the Army96TrophyTypeReach Level 40
Ultimate Team Player
Ultimate Team Player91TrophyTypeGet 500 kill assists (any game types)
Raining Shrapnel
Raining Shrapnel81TrophyTypeKill 4 enemies with a frag grenade thrown with the grenade launcher
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