ModNation Racers: Road Trip (Vita) Reviews

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    28 Jul 2013
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    I knew I was in dire need for a great kart game since Mario Kart really let me down when I tried it a couple months ago in the family holiday home. Modnation Racers does not disappoint, not even as handheld.

    There’s heaps of ways to customise everything in the game, and as you progress through the game and achieve the goals laid out in the game, you’ll unlock more stickers, skins, vinyls, shapes and car models.

    Mod your Mod!
    Your ingame avatar is called a Mod, and you can customise it to your likings, your only limit is your imagination and stuff you haven’t unlocked yet. Your car is of course also available for customisation, and with the touch functions incorporated in the VITA it is pretty neat and easy to make custom tracks.

    I’ve been playing the career for a couple hours, and my experience is that for the first two or so championships, the AI is very easy to beat – then it bumps up the difficulty and I started to have some trouble even getting first over the finish line. Which is essential a nice touch since I beat the PSP version in a couple hours, almost in a single sitting – this seems to not be as beatable.

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    There’s a variety of different weapons, and since they develop as you pick up more of the same weapon, you can have some fun for quite some time, refining your skills and knowledge on the different weapons to have some advantage over your enemies, timing your use of the weapons. With sideswipe (which I initially tried in Wheelman and loved) you can push an opponent off the track, even when you’re out of weapons.

    The graphics is great, everything runs smoothly and the handling and controlling is fun and easy to understand – but the loading times is still an issue, which it has been since the launch of the game for the Playstation 3. I do see the idea of loading everything before the race start, but most people would get impatient with the loading times in the long run.

    Great fun
    I’d recommend this game if you’re into kart games, but so far I see “only” 25 races for the career mode that you can gather the different goals/achievements in, but this is supported a lot by having the race track builder and sharing available. The colours are vibrant, animations fun and easy to navigate menus.